Corrosion resistance

AGNI Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products are known for their ability to provide corrosion resistance in the harshest environments and chemical exposures. Unlike metal and wood, FRP products will not rust or corrode and will continue to maintain structural integrity over time.

AGNI offers the widest selection of resin formulations for products, each specifically developed to solve specific environmental and performance requirements.

Low maintenance

The durability and corrosion resistance of AGNI FRP molded and pultruded gratings and other products reduce or eliminate the need for heavy maintenance like sandblasting, scraping and painting.

Slip resistance

AGNI’s molded and pultruded gratings and stairway products provide superior, slip resistant footing in wet and oily environments. Steel becomes slippery when oily or wet, but AGNI gratings have a higher friction factor and remain safe even when wet.

AGNI’s slip resistant products increase safety for workers which will lead to fewer workplace accidents and a reduction of injury-associated costs.

Long service life

AGNI products provide outstanding durability and corrosion resistance in demanding applications, providing improved product life over traditional materials. The longevity of AGNI products provide cost savings over the product’s life cycle.

Low installation cost

Fiber-reinforced composites offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, exceeding those of other materials, making products easy to handle and install. This can save money and manpower on projects

High strength

AGNI FRP has a high strength-to-weight ratio when compared to traditional materials like metal, concrete and wood.

Impact resistant

AGNI FRP can withstand major impacts with negligible damage. AGNI offers extremely durable gratings to satisfy even the most stringent impact requirements.


The lightweight properties of AGNI FRP result in products that weigh considerably less than steel. The density of steel is four times higher than that of FRP. The reduction in weight that AGNI products provide can save on material transit costs and installation costs.

Radio Frequency Transparency:

Agni FRP is transparent to radio waves Radio frequency transmission.

Electrically & thermally non-conductive:

AGNI FRP is electrically non-conductive leading to increased safety compared to conductive materials (i.e., metal).

Fire retardant

Most AGNI products are engineered to have a flame spread of 25 or less as tested in accordance with ASTM E-84. They also meet the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635.

UV Resistant

Agni fiberglass gratings and profiles are formulated for maximum UV resistance.


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