AGNI is having more than 500 Pultruded profiles tools with different varieties, But of this most of the tools are with common shapes generally used to replace steel or wood parts like, Sq Tube, Channel, I Beam, Angle , Round Tube, Etc. AGNI’s Vision is to replace wood/Steel/Aluminium parts where ever possible , if viable commercially and application wise. To support this we always welcome whenever someone comes with an idea of different shapes than available regularly. This we call as custom shapes. We support the custom shapes idea with our knowledge and convert the same in to reality. These customization may be in terms of Complex shape, Special colours, Specific Mechanical or Electrical properties, Specific application, or may be some specific end use requirement.

The custom shapes are different than the standard pultruded shapes where there are lot of research, designing abilities and testing facilities are required. AGNI does have all that and above all if you need to keep that as your secret we are ready to respect the same.


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